Embolden Media Group works with the brightest book publishing professionals in the industry to provide an array of high-quality editorial and publishing services that will take your book project to the next level, including content development, editing, design, and other publishing services. Please see below for the full menu of services. Prices are subject to change without notice. 


Book Doctoring

So you’ve written a book—kind of. You have something, ahem, that you poured over as much as you could and it is just not feeling as sharp as you hoped it would. You know the diamond is hidden in the rough there somewhere, but you just aren’t able to mine it. Book doctoring may be just what you need.

I will take your “manuscript,” evaluate it, develop a new outline and direction for it, and pulling from my fifteen years of industry knowledge, will give it the right edge it needs to stand out among other books in its category. Then, upon your approval and as you supply the content based on my direction, I will take to the task of doing all the reorganizing based on the plans we’ve set together to reshape, refocus, lengthen, or reduce your completed manuscript.

From $4,000

Substantive/Content Editing

The next step after the manuscript has been written, the content or substantive edit focuses on the big picture, the overall purpose and promise of the book by clarifying ambiguities, correcting conceptual problems, and maintaining the tone of the manuscript. A content edit:

  • Identifies problems with overall clarity or accuracy

  • Evaluates the order in which the text is presented and recommends ways to reorganize

  • Identifies gaps in content

  • Analyzes sentences for structure/syntax

  • Suggests or provides clearer explanations, anecdotes, analogies, or illustrations

  • Proposes additions or deletions of headings

  • Seeks to achieve clarity of subject, logic, and consistency

Completed in six to twelve weeks.

From $1,650


Following a substantive edit, copyediting can cover a broad range of corrections and suggestions. A basic copyedit includes:

  • Making sure material is logical and understandable

  • Correcting continuity problems

  • Making sure sources are cited for all statistics and quotations.

  • Flagging inaccuracies and inconsistencies

A moderate copyedit would include a review of the manuscript for such things as:

  • Redundancies

  • Sentence clarity

  • Word choice

  • Maintenance of tone/voice

An in-depth copyedit could also include:

  • A review for consistency of style and mood or presentation of content

  • Analysis of the point of view chosen for each scene (fiction)

  • Cross-checking references, figures, tables, equations, etc. (nonfiction)

  • Pointing out items that may require permission from the copyright holder

Completed in two to four weeks.

From $1,050

 Manuscript Critique

A manuscript critique is a broad overall assessment/review of a manuscript, pinpointing its strengths and weaknesses. Specific problem areas are flagged and general suggestions for improvement made. A professional opinion of the manuscript’s potential for acceptance by an agent and/or royalty-paying publisher, based solely on the focus of the material, may be given if offered/requested.

Up to 5,000 words - $125

5,000 to 10,000 words- $175

10,000 to 15,000 words - $225

15,000 to 25,000 words - $300

25,000 to 40,000 words - $425

40,000 to 55,000 words - $500

55,000 to 70,000 words - $650

70,000 to 100,000 words - $750

100,000 words and up – TBD/Ask

Completed in four to six weeks.

 Children’s Book Content Services


Up to 600 words - $300

601-1,000 words - $400

600-1,000 words w/ illustrations - $400-$500


2,000-3,000 words - $500

3,001-4,000 words - $600

4,001-5,000 words - $750


Up to 2500 words - $500

2,501-3,500 words - $600

3,501-4,500 words - $700

4,501-5,000 words - $800

5,001-7,500 words - $900

7,501-10,000 words - $1,000


We provide sensitivity reads for books written for African American/Africana audiences by authors outside this ethnic group to ensure fair and realistic representation. My prices for reading your book for cultural and ethnic sensitivity are:

  • Picture books - $100 per title

  • Chapter books - $250 per title, up to 5,000 words

  • Middle-grade, YA, and adult works - $350+

Additional Considerations


For all our writing and editing services, the payment terms are half of the total amount of the services paid upon signing the service agreement and half paid upon delivery of the completed work.

Your space on our writing and editorial calendar will be reserved once you submit the signed service agreement and first payment.


All of our clients retain full intellectual property rights for all the services we provide. Unless otherwise agreed, our writing, editorial, and publishing services are work for hire.


It is our practice not to reproduce, give, or show to anyone any material that our clients send to us for writing, editing, publishing or consulting purposes, unless we are consulting on their behalf and with their agreement for services or advisement from a third party.

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