When you choose our Get Published Premium or Elite publishing packages, we will broker printing services on your behalf. We will

  • Help you set up an IngramSpark account

  • Upload your interior, cover, and ebook files to IngramSpark for printing and distribution

  • Troubleshoot any initial uploading issues

  • Assist you with placing your first order

  • Release control to you so that you can manage your own inventory, royalty statements, and shipping options

Because your package includes the cost of IngramSpark setup fees, your printing costs will be equal to the number of copies you wish to purchase through IngramSpark.

Distributing Your Book
and Getting Paid


Your print book will “automatically made available to more than tens of thousands of retailers, libraries, schools, e-commerce companies, and other channel partners, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo (Canada), and other well-known book retailers and wholesalers across North America” and to outlets in other English-speaking countries such as United Kingdom/Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Your ebook will be available through “the 25+ retailers”—such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble Nook—"who provide the most value to independent publishers.”


Your royalty payments and inventory will be managed directly through IngramSpark. They will print and ship on demand book purchases made through online retailers. They will then disburse your author/publisher compensation 90 days after the end of the month in which sales occur. The royalty rate is determined by several factors—book specifications, price, wholesale discounts, and the market in which it is sold.

You will have to manage your own inventory if you wish to have your book available for sale on your website or at events. IngramSpark will ship your book to you almost anywhere in the world, and they have great expedited printing and shipping options in case you have an event pop up with little advance notice.

Click here for more information about IngramSpark’s services to independent authors/publishers.

*Marketing services are available upon request and for an additional cost.

**Embolden Media Group reserves the right to refuse any manuscript that does not fit with the company’s current goals, values, or mission.

***Printing-only publishing services for authors who have not used our content services are not available at this time.