Thank you so much, Jevon Bolden, for your help with this book and for what your team has come up with. So grateful for your team!
— Erin Olson, author of Spiritual Orphans

[Jevon is] phenomenal, professional, responsive, resourceful and dedicated. I absolutely loved working with her and would recommend her for sure—100 percent.
— Kim Jordan, author of Sequential Milestones

Jevon’s insight, wisdom, and astronomical editing skills and ideas are beyond my ability to put into words. I could not appropriately captivate her expertise through mere statements. I can say that she has made my first experience both enjoyable and memorable. Thank you, Jevon, for being such a pleasure to work with, and allowing my voice and heart to penetrate throughout every page while showcasing your intelligence and competence. I am indebted to you for making Holy Spirit Speaks all that it is.
— Brenda Nash, PhD, author of Holy Spirit Speaks

Jevon’s spirit of excellence is very refreshing. She’s efficient, effective, and able to accurately capture the essence of a writer’s message and mantle and then clearly convey that to others with clarity and power.
Her work on my project was impeccable. She’s definitely top of the line and I would most definitely seek to acquire her services and skill set again.
— Brian L. Curry, author of From the Eyes of the Father to the Heart of a Son

Great experience and information to share regarding book writing. Extremely helpful!
— Soundra Simpson, Facebook

I’ve witnessed Ms. Bolden’s excellent work through Apostle John Eckhardt’s books; an incredible editor she is. It takes great skill to be an editor because at the end, an editor’s work (good or bad) reflects on the author on countless levels. This woman of GOD is workin’ it! She makes us all very proud!
— Marva Morris, Facebook